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Art Director : Janis

 Stylists : Janis & Neydie Mondésir

Model : Léa Cope, Marie-ève  Chenier-Arcila  

Photograph : Dalia Janian

Make-up : Vanessa Yang

 Music : Yingyann

Fire is essential to life, it creates a balance with water. Being a Fire sign myself, I feel like this energy is so powerful and nourishing. It’s where a part of my creativity comes from. There’s so many details not to miss when a fire is burning ; the sound it does, the way it goes combined with the wind, the way it grows bigger, the way every little piece get eaten and vanished. Watch the speed it takes when it expands, you better get out the way before it gets too hot because it has no mercy. No matter how strong you think you are, the fire will eat you alive. The fire never looks behind, it just spreads everywhere. But also, it’s always there when you need it the most. It lightens up your day, it follows you everyday, everywhere and it’s always there for you even if you’re always forgetting about how practical it is. It lighten up your smoke, it warms you up when it’s cold, it transforms your food into something more delicious and comforting. The fire is protecting you everyday, it cares for you. I guess fire can also be a feeling, something stronger than us. Fire is passion, fire is something more than what we can be describe with simply our words. Passion can be in everything, it’s what defines who you are. It can be how you feel with someone or it might be your only reason to survive. It feels like a flame constantly driving your mind, your body, your soul and when it finally blows up, the feeling is so powerful and dominant that you feel invincible. Fire is simply beautiful. Every details and every little sparks are shining. In Portuguese, they have an expression in which instead of saying they want to have sex ; they say they want to make the Fire. I guess making love mixed with passion feels exactly like this. It starts spontaneously then it grows so fast you can’t even control it anymore it feels exactly like the flames are moving, slowly but fiercely and ferociously. Then, at the very end, you feel the power, the strength, the confidence, you and only you are in perfect control. Both; my zodiacs in Humanistic astrology and Chinese zodiac are ruled by the Fire element. This text doesn’t just describe how the fire is, it also illustrate a big part of me.